Support Crew

I am lucky to have an extensive support crew that work with myself and the ponies both at home and at events.

First and foremost are my parents who support me competing throughout the year both financially and by acting as a major part of my backup crew at home and away. When we go away I am lucky to have my mum to drive us to events and run the camp and my dad who stays at home to look after the day to day running of everything left behind. I also have my fantastic head groom Kendra who helps at home with the ponies year round both with day to day care and with training. At home I also have Kerrith, who drives out with me twice a week at home to help with the ponies exercise routine.

Away at outdoor shows the team consists of myself, my mum (who drives the wagon, acts as camp chef and helps with the ponies) and Libby who backsteps, grooms for dressage and cones and works together with my mum making sure the ponies are ready for competing.

Kate Adams

Chief financial backer, lorry driver, travelling groom, camp chef.


Kendra Jones

Home Head Groom.

Kerrith Powell

Part-time exercise groom.

Libby Castle

Travelling groom and outdoor backstep.

Libby has been involved with carriage driving since 1996 and joined Team Adams in June 2014. She has previously backstepped for both single horse and horse teams prior to becoming a professional photographer on the carriage driving circuit. Having first met Joe and Kate in 2006 Libby’s photography company previously sponsored Joseph and when his regular backstep changed jobs and could no longer compete with him proudly took up the open spot on the team. Libby also works freelance on an event yard between shows.