11029895_10152766387346503_285935939507045814_nPure Feed Company has sponsored Joseph and his team since 2013.

The Pure Feed Company has devised a fully balanced range of feeds, full of natural grasses and products which are free of molasses and low in starch. A horse feed designed as they have evolved to eat. Each and every product contains the balancer ensuring a comprehensive and broad spectrum of minerals and vitamins for health and well being. They have created a feeding programme that is logical, simple, easy to use and it does exactly what it says on the bag.

All Joseph’s Ponies are fed on Pure Working and Pure Fibre Balancer, they all look fantastic and perform brilliantly

Vet Physio UK has sponsored Joseph and his team since 2016.

Vet Physio UK provide a nationwide service, bring together Chartered Physiotherapist, Osteopaths, Veterinary Physiotherapist and industry professionals to provide expert care to your animals.